Monday, March 26, 2012


About 9 years ago I tried to make dishcloths like my Aunt Neenee did when I was young. She would sit and make one in just a few hours.  She spent many afternoons doing these, pot holders, and the deco hanging towels with the crocheted top. My grandmother gave me a set of instructions she had found and showed me how to start. She was visiting us to see her newly born Great-Grand-Daughter so crafts were quickly set aside for more important things.
 I made one chain stitch and the directions just confounded me and I could not figure them out.  I was the craftiest person I knew at the time and my grandmother lives about 2-3 hours away.  When we finally managed to get together I had set the project away and completely forgotten about it.  I am about to the end of my Aunt's supply so I asked my ILCS group (extremely talented and crafty people) if they knew of any way to learn visually.  I am not normally a patron of YouTube so it never crossed my mind to look there.  Thank goodness ILCS members had numerous suggestions to look for. 

I found several videos that helped and I got about half way done. Not perfect by any means but I am proud of myself.  Besides, it's a dishcloth, all not perfect ones will just get used in my own sink. ;)

I put this away so I could work on my HAED.  It is quickly becoming therapy for me.  I try to stitch at least  50 stitches each night.  With both girls being big snuggle buddies and hubby being his normal demanding little boy in a man suit, I do not always meet my goal.

If I don't set a goal, It won't get done.  I'm posting pics of my HAED progress under Dizzy Heights on the HAED SAL Blog in the tab above.  Feel free to have a look at all the progress of the other contributors to the blog.  There are some really amazing pieces there to see.

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  1. Looks good Mab, I like to crochet too!

  2. You Tube is great for lots of instructional type videos. I fixed my washer using YouTube, lol. Had the entire thing torn apart and spread across my basement floor!

    Good luck with your dishcloths. I've never made those, but I've made the towels with the crocheted tops where you can hang them from the stove.

  3. We all had to start somewhere. I'm pretty sure my first attempts at crocheting weren't too good. My grandma crocheted potholders/hot pads with thin crochet thread (what I always called kite string) and a tiny hook until she passed at 91 years old. She always said practice makes perfect. You'll soon be crocheting like a pro!

  4. Hello Mab! So nice stopping by and visiting you and your sweet blog here. I can see you are a very creative person :)

    Nice to meet you!

    Kindly, Lorraine