Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Friend the Hairdresser

I recently made a friend of a hair stylist.  She is a wonderful woman and is fast becoming a very good friend. She has a daughter in my Scout Troop and she has joined as an adult volunteer (she is basically an assistant leader). 

She did me a huge favor and cut my daughters' hair at a discount price at her home.  My older daughter was so happy to have her hair done, the little one was cool with it but would rather play games.

Ms. S gave Kayla a whole salon experience. She used a flat iron to gently curl the bottom under and used special salon style hair care products.  I feel a little lacking in my mothering, I was a tomboy and the whole girly-girl thing escapes me most days.  Apparently my daughter has a deep girly-girl soul buried under the toad chasing and mud-pie making girl she usually presents. Ms. S in no way made me feel bad that I discovered that I was not mommy most perfect.  I am unbelievably grateful that she opened my eyes to my daughter's growing into her feminine side.  

I made up this chart and plan to stitch it for her in my appreciation for the gift she has given me. It is a quote from Joan Crawford,"The most important thing a woman can have - next to talent, of course - is her hairdresser."   Email me or comment here if you'd like the chart.

Ms. S has also told me I can ask her anything in regards to styling etc. this will come in handy in the coming teen years.  I am not ignorant of the girly-girl stuff just limited so I'll take all the help I can get LOL.  Wish me luck when Kayla truly expresses her sense of style.   


  1. lol ... love the comment!! That is a nice gift for your hairdresser. My younger daughter is the same way...sending much luck your way.

  2. I love this chart. Makes a great gift to those that keep us beautiful. Is there any way I could get the chart? Thank you so much and love the blog pic. Horses are awesome!