Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Stitches ;)

Hi all!  I finished my bookmark for the ILCS bookmark exchange.  I sent that off Yesterday with tea bags.  I hope she likes it!  I'd post a pic but I can't until Shaunterria sees it.

When that was done I started my HAED SAL.  Now that is a major project.  It took me a bit to get started.  You can read all about it under the Dizzy Heights section in the HAED SAL link in the tabs above.  I think I have around 300 stitches done so far.  Seems a lot right?  NOT!  lol  There are 625 stitches per every square inch.  The whole piece is 16x 11 1/8.  112,400 stitches.  That's why there are many people out there that say HAEDs can take a year to finish.  I figure I can get mine done in about 6 months, hopefully less.

Mom asked for a bit of help with making some things for a local non profit society she is involved in.  This will consist of making small beaded items and some stitched items (ornaments, bookmarks and other daily use items).  They have a pool for birthdays so she'll need small handmade birthday gifts for each member that has a Birthday at the monthly meeting.  She gets a list so some months have a ton and some have 1 or 2.  I'll be making a few of these when the HAED starts to make my eyes cross.

I've never really told you all of my UFO.

The part finished is the part right by the horse's butt Left side middle of the chart.  This is a running joke with my eldest daughter that started before the baby came along.  It has now caught on with Lily.
While driving down the road I always call out when I see horses.  Kayla is normal little girl horse crazy.  One time I saw only the butt of the horse sticking out of a dark barn so I called out "horse butt" to her.  Of course this resulted in a fit of giggles.  It is now a contest to find the horses' butts only.

I'll end this post in hopes you leave with a smile thinking of the little girls in their car seats giggling over the sight of a horses behind.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm sure I'll love it Mab! Good luck with your UFO (here's to turning it back into a WIP) and spot a few horse butts for me *lol*

    1. Thanks Shaunterria! I can guarantee we'll see many horses this summer. Kayla will actually be attending a Girl Scout Horse Camp for 4 nights. She did last summer and loved every minute.

  2. What a beautiful project that will be when finished. LOL, Horse Butt!!