Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have been so busy!

So you've not heard from me for a while.  Summer just flew by and I barely stitched a thing all summer long.  We just fill our summers with so many activities. It seems a crime to spend it sitting down, not that the kids would let me anyway. ;)
  • I am almost done with the wedding chart for my Sister-In-Law.  I'll do a big reveal for that.
  • I get a few stitches in my Haed every now and again.
  • I have started on my hubby's Ganesha and then stopped even though he is bugging me.
  • I have a shell chart for my step-mom in progress trying to get done for Christmas
  • I have a small picture of a candle ornament in progress for a gift
  • I also have the Luna Moth that needs a bit of back-stitching. (this was for a class that I just ran out of time for)
I am an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts so my time is precious.  I am buckling down though.  I think I'm a more active stitcher in the winter months.  I also have a ton of holiday baking to do. I plan on making apple butter for gifts and packaging some of an awesome soup mix with recipe card to give out as gifts.

In other news..................My eldest has started horseback riding lessons this year. Isn't she cute? 
My little one, loves when her sister gets to lead her about for her very own ride.
 Thanks for listening to my rambles.  I'll post some more stitchy updates soon.