Friday, March 16, 2012

Almost SAL

I received my fabric in the mail Thursday and I printed out my chart.  I have all 85 DMC threads and one Krenik fine braid,  Lugana 25 count antique white (so soft).   

Now if only I could start.  Hubby decided I needed to do a bunch of running around paying taxes for all our properties at the different county courthouses.  I may have to do more running next week if they won't let me pay the township ones at the county courthouses too. 

Why must men wait until the last minute for nearly everything? I could have all this done by now and not had to waste a full tank of gas to do it by planning my errands around his stops. GRRRR 

I think tonight he's making his own dinner and the girls and I will just be "starving" while we're out and about and have to stop to eat. ;)

Thank you for reading my rant.


  1. Rant away Mabb Rant away.... Hope you get it all done asap... Hope you start your Sal soon... :)

  2. Positive side is you have it all to be able to start. I look forward to your progress pictures.

    1. Me too. I looked at the FAQ sheet on HAED site and found some really good ideas. I'm going to give it grid lines. Before I actually start any stitches.

  3. Eating out sounds good to me! ;-)