Friday, November 8, 2013

Holiday Ornament Exchange

So after I got the flat-fold for my Halloween / Fall Ornament Exchange from Jennifer M., I was thinking of trying to make one myself.  Luckily mom was asking for suggestions of how to finish her ornie for the exchange.  I suggested the flat-fold and decided we'd figure it out together.  I grabbed mom's stitched piece, her selected fabric and got to work.

It turned out fabulous!  I was so happy with the result.  I twisted the red and green bead strand we picked and hot-glued it around the edge instead of using regular ric-rac.  Made my little bow for the handmade with love charm that mom wanted included.

Special thanks to Meari for her Flat-fold Tutorial .


The piece I stitched for my ornie was too small to make a flat-fold.
So I decided to finish another way.

I made a last minute run to the craft store for some supplies and inspiration.  I didn't like the various ways I had thought to finish the ornie.

Luckily I found this ceramic tree and a light-bulb went off.   I drew my favorite swirls and some wood grain with some metallic permanent markers to spice it up a bit.  I cut around the stitched part 2 squares the whole way about.  I dug out my trusty Modge Podge and finished it. 

This is the ornie and handmade card I received in the exchange from Joyce.  Beaded snowflakes, blended thread and can you believe it?! Tiny brads!  I would have never thought to use brads to attach a ribbon or assemble a stitchy craft at all.

This is part of why I love exchanges, I can get so many great ideas.


  1. Beautiful ornaments and flat fold!

  2. Enjoyed reading you post on how your finished my ornament. I enjoyed stitching and finishing your ornament and making your card.

  3. love it! I am so happy to hear you have some personal support. So happy.