Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So last night the artsy bug bit me and it hit again this morning.  I looked out my windows and saw massive snow.  If I didn't know there was a main roadway beyond our tree line, I'd think we were alone in the world. As beautiful as it is, I hope the roads are clear by 2:30 as I have to get my daughter to the stables for her riding lesson. Maybe I'll take my camera and get a picture of a horse shivering.  ;)

 In the meantime, dress warmly as we take a walk through my yard.

The snow is really heavy and damp.  It weighs down one of the younger trees. Luckily,
I can still drive under it when I leave later.
 We have 2 streams you have to cross over to get to our house from the road, this is the second from the road.
 I felt bad, I disturbed a doe getting ready to bed down. 
 Whatcha doin?
 The edge of the pond.
 The foot bridge and our house.
The view from the footbridge.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through my yard.  Now get inside and have a cuppa cocoa.