Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My copyright rant

I've seen a number of rants lately on copyright infringement.  How could I let the chance pass by where I could have my rant?  I have very strong feelings on this as you will find.
I am just starting as a designer.  Copyright infringement is a big concern of mine. Unfortunately, like anything, we have to take the good with the bad and just do our best to reduce the chance of copyright infringement.  So I am going to play devil's advocate for a bit which as a teacher to my daughter, I tend to do a lot so she learns the value of debate.  I think those that do not cite where the chart was taken are in the wrong, however, the designers are not blameless. 

I think a major way to stop this is to do away with downloadable Pdfs and other files. Pay for snail mail and stop worrying about the customer getting it immediately, if they want the chart that badly they'll wait for it. If it is not meant to be a freebie, make them work for it.  If people intend to pirate the chart they will do so regardless of what you do.

I made my freebie charts available through email request only and made the pictures so small that you can't get a decent screen shot of it.  I am not belittling the designers but if you put a plate of candy in front of children you should expect pieces to be taken.  By making things so easily accessible you are just asking the less moral of society to steal from you.  It is sad that in today's society we have to prepare for the worst, but it's how it is.  If you're not capable of shoring up your defenses then you will have the bad stuff happen to you. 

People's moral compass degrades with every generation that starts.  Parents refuse to spank the bottoms of those naughty children and now those children have no idea of consequences.  Teachers are only skirting the proper way to cite references and copyrights are being ignored across the board.  I home-school my daughter and I basically told her that if she copies someone's words and uses them as her own then she would be in severe trouble as it counts as stealing.  I put it into her perspective as if she made some amazing piece of art or story and said how would you feel if someone stole it and said they did it.  Oh the tears that started and the sincere apology I got from a seven year old.  I felt bad for making her cry but you can be damned sure she'll think twice before she copies again.  I'll go back to my little corner of the world now.  I hope you don't think I am taking the side of the thieves, I have sincere issues with copyright laws in general and I have issues with people wanting things to stay private or semi-private when they post it on a PUBLIC forum.

I post here knowing there is a chance that one of my pictures or freebie charts is likely to get taken if I gain popularity.  I need to create so I make it as hard as possible to just pilfer off my blogs.  It will not stop me from creating. 

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