Sunday, February 19, 2012

My favorite dragons

I stumbled across this artist in several different locations. Teresa Wentzler had a few projects in several magazines I stole from my mother. Then I found her dragons.
twdesignworks There are some free charts on her site. Tempest in a teacup dragon has the most adorable expression on his little face.

I have yet to purchase this chart but I fully intend to as soon as I manage to decide which other one I might wish to get with it.

Kristin Mills is an artist. Her dragons are also very cute. I don't like mean dragons, too often I see them about to eat someone and that just doesn't seem right. I grew up watching Pete's Dragon and The Never-ending Story. I had a hard time believing Dragons to be mean.

Kristin's art has been turned into counted cross stitch. I found several charts based off her artwork on Heaven And Earth Designs. 
This is the one I'm doing for the ILCS SAL.

I recently found Randal Spangler.  ILCS mum shared a chart she wanted and he was the artist of the print the chart was based on.\
More cute Dragons!  


  1. I love those little guys (dragons) by Spangler. I bought one myself when it was 50%off.

    1. I bought the above Spangler chart and The Key and Dizzy Hieghts by Kristin Mills on the 50% off day. I was bad lol.

  2. I love dragons and all these are fantastic......

    1. Thanks! I couldn't pass them up. My kids got the movie How To Train your Dragon and I want to watch it more then they do. Ulla would probably like it when she's a bit older.