Friday, September 27, 2013

Rubber Ducky, You're the one! You make Pittsburgh lots of fun!

 That's right folks, the giant Rubber Duck is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

It's an Honor to lend our rivers to this wonderful guest.  He'll have many friends to play with and Pittsburgh has been hit with Duckie Fever. 

So the kids and I went down with some friends to see the Duck.  They had a huge bridge party to welcome him Friday night.  FUN!!!!  The bridge was closed down for a the "block" party and we a local radio station was there for the event.  It was like a big fair with food vendors and art booths not to mention all the ducky stuff to buy.

We plan to go back down once he's anchored for a less crowded look and to get pictures of the girls actually standing close to it.  Today it was just way too busy and crowded to get the touristy photos. Today's main accomplishment was to be there to see him swim into town.  Off to bed for me now.  I'm just plum duckered out. 

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